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Paternity DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage.


A non-invasive buccal swab is routinely used to collect specimen for DNA paternity testing. The swabs are rubbed gently inside the mouth against the cheek to collect cells which contain the DNA. 

Paternity DNA Testing NJ has an extensive network of specimen collection sites. With more than 1600 DNA Collection Sites (patience service center) located throughout US and serving over 168 countries you can call us to schedule a DNA Test.

Our customer service representatives will assist you in setting up a convenient appointment to have your samples collected at a location nearest to you.


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                                          We Specialize in:

     Legal Paternity Testing

We provide court-admissible Paternity Test; our test results are  accepted in any court in the United States of America. Court admissible paternity testing are used for any legal purpose including child custody, divorce, child support, inheritance, birth certificate, real estate cases etc.

    Personal Knowledge or Peace of Mind Paternity Test 

This DNA Test is less expensive, and the results are as accurate as the Legal Paternity Test, but results are not admissible in a court of law they are only for personal knowledge.        

    Prenatal Paternity Test  Non-invasive

Now you could know who the biological father of your child is after 13 weeks in to the pregnancy by simply drawing blood from the mother and the alleged father. Unlike amniocentesis, a Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test does not require a needle inserted into the mother’s womb.