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Immigration DNA is used when the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) request you to proof a biological relationship between the Petitioner and a Beneficiary for Immigration purposes.

Immigration DNA Testing NJ  will collect DNA sample on the person living in the United States (Petitioner) and we will collect DNA sample from the (Beneficiary), in any country.

The Test results will be ship to the Petitioner and the Embassy/USCIS within 2 days of receiving the Beneficiary sample.

With more than 1600 DNA Collection Sites (patience service center) located throughout US and serving over 168 countries you can call us to schedule your Immigration DNA Test at a location most convenient to you.

Our reference Lab is an American Association of Blood Banks Accredited Laboratory (AABB) which is a USCIS request for Immigration DNA Testing.

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      WHY US.

  • We have a DNA speciment collection sites near you.
  • Personalized attention (Your caseworker will be the same from start to finish).
  • Global network of specimen collection sites. 
  • One of the industry’s best prices.    
  • We only use CLIA and AABB accredited laboratories.
  • 99.9% accurate results.
  • Bilingual specialists.
  • Will keep you inform during the entire process.
  • Fast results.
  • In home mobile DNA collection.
  • Your information and results are strictly confidential.